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Hello, I'm Panthavma! I'm a programmer, specialized in stylized rendering, realtime 3D rendering, and software architecture! I've started in 2004, and started doing mostly video games as a hobby since 2009. I'm also some weird tech-artist, considering I also use Blender since 2004 (albeit not as much as code), which led to me developing some unusual workflows and techniques that work quite well for me! I'm both French and Greek, and can speak both fluently.

I am currently doing a PhD in Stylized Rendering for video games! I've worked before that as 3D Programmer on AAA games. I'm still a young developer though! I've done a lot of programming and solo game development as a hobby, which is in fact what brought me to stylized rendering: it was originally my way of closing the gap of my graphical skills.

I like video games quite a bit, my favorite genres for singleplayer are Action Games and RPGs, while for multiplayer I love Fighting Games and 4Xs. I tend to enjoy those that focus on a specific feel or theme with their mechanics, albeit I am quite open to trying out new games! I also did a bit of competition locally.

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