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I taught an after-school class for college students for two years! As I'm getting into the third year of my PhD in games rendering, I will not be able to do it in person, so I'll do it online, and you can follow! All levels welcome, slight technical focus.

I have experience in AAA (rendering) and hobby dev, and I'll present my view of gamedev. This course will focus on giving a solid view of the various fields, how they work, and how they interact with other parts of the game and team. My aim is to give you the theory and tools to get started or to collaborate efficiently with devs from each field.

Class happens online every ~2 weeks on Sundays. First in French at 10:30, then English at 15:00 (Paris time). Duration: 1-2 hours. Dates may be subject to change, check the links below!

Schedule and Slides

Unless specified, the English class happens at 15:00 Paris time (06:00 PST, 09:00 EST, guess it's a morning class for you guys lol).

I'll try to announce the links in advance when possible, but I'm somewhat new to this streaming thing so expect slight jank at first.

Title Stream Date and Link Slides
01. Intro: Domains and jobs in games February 18th 2024 Slides
02. Gameplay Programming March 3rd 2024 Slides
03. Static 2D and 3D art March 10th 2024 Slides
04. Mechanics and emotions March 17th 2024 -
05. Tools Programming April 14th 2024 -
06. Project Organization - -
07. Player-Game Communication - -
08. Animation and VFX - -
09. Code Architecture - -
10. Sound Design and Music - -
11. Online and Networking - -
12. 3D Rendering - -
13. Stylized Rendering - -

You can suggest some too!