Panthavma's blog

Hello, and welcome to my blog! Here I write down some longer form thoughts, research, and results of some of the subjects I encounter during my projects, work, and hobbies (easy, it's all the same thing)! These are the main subjects I talk about:


My main interest is Stylized Rendering for video games! That's my PhD subject!

Gamedev Tools

I also make tools! I tend to focus more on deeper tools, and tend to be very focused on usage efficiency. Still learning on the UX part though haha


And finally, I do some gamedev as a hobby! I tend to be working solo on most, using my skills in a focused way (especially on the art side).

Article Series

Line Rendering [Rendering] Lines are a big part of most artstyles. How can we make them?
Watercolor Rendering [Rendering] In-depth dive at how to render a watercolor style, transferring from research to an actual production ready pipeline, while also adding some improvements!

All Articles

[Misc] 2023 Roundup!
Second year of PhD DONE!
January 27, 2024
[Rendering] Godot Con 2023 - From Watercolor to Mechs
Stylized rendering in Godot
November 05, 2023
[Rendering] Toon Shading Fundamentals
From Cel-Shading to bidirectional toon ramps
September 30, 2023
[Rendering] Line Rendering Deep Overview
Part 1 - Extraction
May 23, 2023
[Tech Art] UV-Based ID-Mapping
or how to avoid textures and unwrapping
February 05, 2023
[Rendering] Game Boy Color Style Rendering Pipeline in Blender / Malt January 13, 2023
[Rendering] Flexible Rendering and Lookdev Pipelines with Malt + Godot April 24, 2022
[Rendering] Translating a Shader from Blender to Unity / VSeeFace December 19, 2021
[Rendering] Godot Rendering Pipelines November 29, 2021
[Misc] Okizeme January 13, 2021